.                          RE30139


 Catalog no. RE30139
 Country Spain
 Date 01.04.1904
 Face value 10 CTS OVP hand stamped on 5
Category 2.1.0 Mail Transport / Special Messenger Services
 Type local stamp
 MICHEL no.no permission - if interested contact  Michel-Katalog
 SCOTT no.no permission - if interested contactscott-bicycle-philately-stamps-catalog
 YVERT no. -
 Remark Lady No. 09 Barcelona Postal Express, opera singer, bicycle messager upper left corner, printed in sheets with 30 different ladies, different frame/portrait colors (black, blue-black, greenish blue, ...), perforated and unperforated issues, grey hand-stamped OVP "10 CTS"
 BS Magazine52_18
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