19th – 22nd September 2018        IX Exfil-Cat - Olimpica - deportiva       Tordera/Spain


National exhibition of Olympics and sports 2018 organized by the Club Filatèlic Tordera

Following bicycle related exhibits will be shown:

  • La Cursa de la Pau (The Peace Race) by Jordi Quintana Compte
  • La Bicicleta en la Filatelia (The Bicycle in Philately) by Joan Marsal Huguet
  • Mi Pequeña Reina La Bicicleta (My Little Queen The Bicycle) by Vicente Pastor Perdiguero
  • El Ciclismo: La Epica del Deporte (Cycling: The Epic of Sport) by Jordi Quintana Compte
  • Marcofília de La Volta Ciclista a Catalunya, "La Volta" (Marco philately of the Tour of Spain in Catalonia, "La Volta") by Jordi Quintana Compte