This website is made for bicycle stamps collectors. You do not know what these are? Well - Bicycle stamps collectors are mostly both: philatelists and cyclists. On rainy days, in winter and generally with increasing age the focus shifts more towards philately. They belong to an endangered species with a large surplus of males. Their number is estimated to be 30 to 50 beings worldwide. However, there are no exact figures. Since no organization works to preserve this species, this website wants to give them a home. Here bicycle stamps collectors find everything they need:  contacts, information, ...  Interested? Then please come in - you are always welcome.

This home is unfortunately not for free: you should register your residence (please use the form in the upper right corner). After registration you get the key for all rooms of your new home. The rent is not to be paid in $, € or ruble. No, the payment unit is called "information" - because only with this building material this website remains an attractive home. The base rent is 1 feedback per year. Each resident can determine his rent himself - depending on the interest, available time, .... There are no limits for the number of posts. Posts can be: criticism, corrections, references to events/exhibitions, reporting of new issues, references to publications, own research/reports, ... so simply everything - even questions. For your rental payment please use the contact form or send an e-mail directly to contact[at] Use your native language if you want - Google Translate is our friend.
New issues are probably most interesting for us. They actually should be called "new discoveries", because there are still bicycle stamps found from past years and even decades. The chapter "New Entries" (please register and log in) lives from your support. Therefore: please report all discoveries, even if you are not sure whether they are already known or not. 

All the best in your new home, your housekeeper
Arnoldt Rehm