Delandre Vignettes

The  Frenchman Gaston Aime Camille Fontanille (1883 - 1923) was the inventor of the Delandre vignettes – colorful poster stamps showing French soldiers in scenes of World War I: 


He produced over 4000 different poster stamps which have become very popular in cinderella philately.

“Delandre” - as he called himself - must have been a crazy guy:  he started with printing Italian regimental vignettes – subsequently he began forging them and creating own ones. Nobody really knew whether they were “real ones”, re-impressions/facsimiles or own creations. He expanded printing French army labels

and labels for the French Red Cross - without paying them their share. Therefore he went to jail where he died 6 six years later.

Walter Schmidt produced two catalogs about the French and non-French military “Delandre's”.

 Followed by Richard Kiddle with several publications on Delandres: Propaganda, Red Cross, …

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