Illustrated Bikes on Stamps

In 1995 Steve Malone published the catalog "Illustrated Bikes on Stamps" with over 2000 entries and more than 1000 images (see BS Magazine, page 16).


A special feature were these checkboxes:                 

The different symbols increased the usefulness to non-English speaking people. Stamps with tiny bicycles are flagged, as well  as those not showing a bicycle - only a cyclist, the word “bicycle” or a velodrome. Also special symbols for perforated und imperforated items are used.

Previously the catalog cost US$ 25 - today it is available for free either as a public domain eBook/ePub or as download.

Steve Malone is now retired and is cycling criss-cross the United States accompanied by his wife and their dog.

It seems he likes the mountains.

You are invited to accompany him.