.                          RE10566


 Catalog no. RE10566
 Country Australia
 Date 31.10.2000
 Face value 45/Zf.
 Category 3.1.5 Sports / Olympic Games
 Type personalized stamp
 M i c h e l permission demanded at the moment
 S c o t t permission demanded at the moment
 Y v e r t Permission to use the numbers is given.
 Remark Sarnya Parker / Tania Modra (Paralympics/Sydney) personalisierte Marke/Zf., Sieger mit Ihren Medaillien auf Zf. (Nature and Nation - 45c. Australia & Globe with Tab. FU. This Australian stamp has an attached label honoring Sarnya Parker and Tania Modra, who won the best team medal in women's tandem cycling at the Paralympics in Sydney.) --- 2000 PARALYMPIAN OF THE YEAR AWARDS - PERSONALISED SHEETS - BEST TEAM - SARNYA PARKER & TANIA MODRA - TANDEM RIDERS
 BS Issue 34_16, 35_16