.                          RE11949


 Catalog no. RE11949
 Country Colombia
 Date 01.01.1926
 Face value 3
 Category 2.1.1 Mail Transport / Messenger with Shoulder Bag
 Type cinderella
 M i c h e l permission demanded at the moment
 S c o t t permission demanded at the moment
 Y v e r t Permission to use the numbers is given.
 Remark http://fuchs-online.com/colombia/companies/68.htm expreso colombiano, Postbote mit Umhängetasche auf Fahrrad nach re vorn fahrend, ungezähnt rotbraun; This stamp has been reported by Alan D. Anyon of London.Unusual stamp, imperforate, printed in typography. It is the only one recorded and is most likely a BOGUS stamp, until some proof of its real status can be determined.
 BS Issue 7_3, 65_29