Online Catalog

The complete online catalog is available for registered users and free of charge.


Each entry in the catalog has a 5-digit number – like RE12345. This RE-number is permanently attached to the picture - the description may change over time. The number is assigned by chance. This means that no conclusions can be drawn from the number to the issuing country or to the year of issue. The uniqueness of the RE-number facilitates communication between users/collectors: every logged-in user can find an entry by using the search function. For example the search


leads to the following item:


The Date of issue in the description can differ from those in other catalogs, FDC-cancellations, imprints on the stamp, .... . In the above case the 1st of January indicates that the exact date is not known – only the year 1887. If neither year nor day of issue are known dates like 01.01.1900 or 01.01.2000 are used.

Personalized stamps normally have no date of first issue and the year mentioned in the catalog has to be regarded only as a rough guide

Each item is assigned to a Category such as:

OnlineCatalog-Intro-Category.... . . . . .

Click here to look at the list of categories used in the catalog. Every collector has certainly his own classification - but in the main subject areas they are all similar. Most entries could be assigned to more than one category. Thus the classification in this catalog is subjective. The categorization could help to find stamps on a specific topic - for example the search  "3.1.5 1992"


lists over 100 issues related to the Olympic Games 1992 in Barcelona - including those issued in the Pre-Olympic year ("3.1.5" is the general category code for the Olympic Games).

The assignment of each entry to a Type leads to the following classification in the online catalog:

Each chapter is sorted by country Abkhazia, ... .., Zimbabwe - followed by date.

Only "Editions YVERT ET TELLIER" have given permission to use their copyrighted catalog numbering on this site. Merci. Michel?

The Remark (unfortunately in a jumble of languages) is primarily used to provide keywords for the search function - but it often contains further information on the issue occasion or on special features of the object.

A BS Magazine number indicates that the item has been described in detail in the magazine of the Bicycle Stamps Club: for example, "18A_11, 58_29" is the abbreviation for two articles - one in volume 18A (page 11) and the other in volume 58 (page 29). As a registered and logged in user you will find copies of all magazines in the main chapter BS MAGAZINE.

Currently more than 30 000 items are listed in the online catalog.