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Artificial Intelligence (AI) generates Bicycle Stamps


Australia ATM ---- Cycling Kangaroo

The Australians are a sports-mad nation. This is also reflected in their postage stamps - here e.g. the boxing kangaroo on a bicycle:

 Philatelie Sammeln Briefmarke Ganzsache Vignette Katalog Perfin Firmenlochung Fahrrad Radfahren Dreirad Einrad Hochrad Philately collecting stamp postal stationery catalog company perforation Bicycle Cycling Tricycle Unicycle  high wheel timbre entier postal catalogue collection velo tricycle monocycle Filatelie verzamelen zegel post catalogus Fiets fietsen driewieler eenwieler Filatelia sello postal Vineta catalogo Bicicleta triciclo monociclo carimbo timbro Biciclette bicicletta


Barcelona Postal Express – Ladies of Barcelona

Barcelona-Postal-Express-Barcelona Postal Express Intro2 - Kopie-Briefmarke-Stamp-Sello-Timbro–francobollo-Timbre-Frimærke-Postzegel-Známky-Poštneznamke-Znaczki 


Clacton Cycle Mail – Cinderella?


Coolgardie - envelope on auction

In November 2016 this interesting cover with the additional stamping "Per COOLGARDIE CYCLE EXPRESS CO., HUNT STREET" was placed on the internet platform delcampe at auction:



Copenhagen Rundetaarn - Unicycle Race


Crypto stamps!

Danish Postman “Porto Betalt” - P.P. postage paid



This postman (cyklende postbud) - designed by Carl-Henning Dalsgaard - started working on the 23rd October 1963 for the Danish Post and did this job for 24 years (--> 1986). He was responsible for the delivery of mass mailings such as postcards (Brevkort), printed matter (Tryksag), letters (Brev), .....


De Dion Bouton newspaper


Delandre Vignettes

The  Frenchman Gaston Aime Camille Fontanille (1883 - 1923) was the inventor of the Delandre vignettes – colorful poster stamps showing French soldiers in scenes of World War I: 


Drammens Expresbureau   -   Bypost Norway



Express Mail Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Express mail was in the beginning a special service in Sofia.

August Stukenbrok Einbeck - private added imprint




Very little is known about this Dutch messenger and shopping service (BOODSCHAPPEN = groceries, DIENST = service):


Illegal stamps(1), philatelic press and international catalogs


Internet Stamp


La Coppa Placci


Michel quo vadis - Redonda

Never heard of Redonda? No - you are not alone: John E. du Pont also not. Redonda is neither a bush, nor a car or cheese brand. It is an island in the Caribbean - politically belonging to Antigua and Barbuda.


Michel quo vadis - Why are no Michel numbers listed in the online catalog?


Norwegian WW II “Søknad” Postal Stationery - Application card for rationing

In Norway there was a shortage of different goods during WW II, even before the occupation by the German troops in April 1940. At first it were items of daily necessity such as sugar, coffee, soap, ...., later clothing, … and with increasing length of occupation bicycles (sykkel) and of course bicycle tires (sykkelgummi) which became scarce. The few available goods had to be rationed. For this purpose, application cards, such as these were issued:

  norway-wwii- soknad-sykkel-sample-postal-stationery-application-card-bicycle-stamps


Perfins - ruined stamps?

From 1868 to the 1960s it was in many companies common, to mark their stamps with holes. This should prevent the employees from using the stamps for private purposes.  The idea of punching stamps came from the Englishman Joseph Sloper, who in 1867 applied a patent for a special punching machine .


Perfins – Stokvis


Personalized stamps in the Netherlands


Post & Go ERROR 2nd and 2nd large

Postal Stationery – Czech and Slovak Republic


"Picture postcard with printed stamp" - used for short messages


Postal Stationery – French PAP also forged

From France we know them for a while and other countries offer them regularly: the pre-illustrated postal stationery. In France they are called Prêt à Poster or simply PAPs. The English say Ready-To-Post and the German Plusbrief. For us it is important that the pre-payment and the illustration on the envelope are both provided by the postal service.

Various postal services offer at the moment packages of prepaid envelopes without illustrations. Handy businessmen are now trying to fool us by selling us these envelopes with a home printed illustration as original.

Recently I (Hans de Kloet) came across a few of these envelopes at an auction site and decided to buy a few of them for 1.50 Euro each - the price these things cost.

On the site the envelopes looked nice but once in my hands it showed up that they were home-printed images on pre-paid envelopes - and pitifully poor printed too. Some pictures askew and off the envelope, others striped (empty or dirty cartridge) and / or with spots:



Records - Curiosities - Errors


Stamperija / stampera - Issues by Customer Order

In late summer 2017 the online market on ebay and delcampe was flooded with Burundi issues like this one:



Stamperija / stampera - Severe Errors or artistic Freedom?

This Sierra Leone stamp, issued on 21st December 2015, was created by stamperija / stampera. This agency from Lithuania produces postage stamps of various countries, represents their post offices and distributes their stamps upon contract.



Statistics 2016 - Online Catalog Entries


Svarslösen – betalar portot

In the section "Locals and Stamps with limited postal Significance" of Batho’s checklist you can find the following entry:

Behind the above entry the following item hides (do not miss the child on the tricycle):

The Advance Messenger Service – Montreal/Canada

“The Advance Messenger Service” operated in the years 1896–1917 in Montreal delivering parcels (within the city limits?).



What is "Thematic Collecting"


Tour de Trump / Tour Du Pont

The new President of the United States of America Donald Trump has always been a fan of sports, but above all was his fixed idea of entrepreneur, which was that of "making money". After organizing golf tournaments, boxing and wrestling matches, he also became president of the New Jersey Generals (USFL), an American football team owned by the Trump family. Later cycling came in his sights and in 1989 he decided to organize a stage race with his name "Tour de Trump".


Turkmenistan -  Asian Indoor Games in Ashgabat 2017

On the occasion of the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Ashgabat/Turkmenistan, these "stamps" were issued in September 2017:


W. E. Mail Service – London/Canada



What is a "BICYCLE MAIL"?


What is a "BICYCLE STAMP"?



 Early attempts were made to attract attention by means of extraordinary bicycle constructions:


Williams Bicycle Messenger Company – Louisville/USA