From the well-known catalog publishers like Michel, Scott, Yvert, … unfortunately no special bicycle stamps catalog is published. Because each individual collector has his own idea/definition of a bicycle stamp, it is not so easy to create such a catalog. Most self published catalogs such as those from Batho, Hilarides, Melone, Pöpperl, Sudbury, ... are based on the definition described in the article "What is a bicycle stamp". The catalogs of Melone and Batho can be found below.

Every catalog (and every motif collection) is incomplete, since there are still new finds from the past years or decades. If personalized stamps are included, new entries are to be added nearly daily. Fortunately, a motif collection does not have to be complete: to describe a topic, it only needs a few stamps. Instead of chasing missing stamps you can spend your time researching background information. The internet offers great possibilities for this. The hunters among us will quickly reach their limits when chasing personalized stamps with their partly extreme low number of issued stamps (< 5 pieces).

In order to meet the different interests of the collectors, the online catalog on this website is divided into categories such as stamps, stamps personalized, local stamps, local stamps personalized, local messenger services (Germany) ....

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