With the new version of the Postal Act, private service providers have been officially allowed to deliver letters in Germany since January 1, 1998. Many bicycle courier companies were founded in the early days and a new collection area emerged: MODERNE PRIVATPOST. Only a few stamps were issued in those founding years - for most couriers a simple stamp with name and phone number was sufficient. The licenses issued by the Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency) are regularly published in lists: …, 2013, …, 2016, … 2021, ...

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.                          RE28020
Germany Federal Republic
1998.12.16.Jena.Bote Jena's Bike Kurier

.                          RE28019
Germany Federal Republic
2002.08.20.Jena.Brief Express

.                          RE28022
Germany Federal Republic
2009.09.08.Jena.MS Postlogistik GmbH